Mono 1.2.3, la via open source a .NET

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Mono 1.2.3, la via open source a .NET

E’ stata rilasciata la versione 1.2.3 di questo interessante progetto che va avanti sotto la supervisione di Novell (e un occhio di Microsoft).

Mono 1.2.3 has been released, some highlights:

Thanks to everyone using Moma and submitting their reports, we were able to prioritize the work needed to get applications running. The top used 1,933 APIs have been implemented in this release as well as many bugs fixed and performance increased.

New Moma definition files. If you are using Moma to evaluate porting your software, running it again will load the new API definitions.

Mono debuts Rolf Bjarne’s Visual Basic 8.0 compiler written completely in Visual Basic 8. We are also shipping Seo Sanghyeon’s IronPython Community Edition.

Some highlights: ASP.NET 2.0 is almost complete (WebParts are still missing), a new System.Media implementation is included, SOAP 1.2 is now supported, HttpListener does TLS/SSL, 2.0 System.Net.Sockets is available, many Windows.Forms API fixes and improvements, improved startup time, more ports and much ADO.NET 2.0 work.

Please read the release notes for all the juicy details.

Link: il software è disponibile qui

Mono 1.2.3, la via open source a .NET
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